Mary's Story

As September 1st was the Kickstart to the 30 Day Devotional of Prayer and Fasting for the Harvest Field, September 8th was first day of prayer walking in the Algonac, East China, Marine City and Richmond areas.  For others like Mary it was the first day of prayer walking with her dog, Casey. Prayer walking is exactly what it says, praying as you walk. It is a time to open up your heart and mind to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit in the harvest field.

For Mary this was a new experience.  As Mary walked, she prayed over houses and prayed for people as she passed by them.  How often we are focused on our own agenda and do not look around to see the people and the glory of God.  Mary felt the leading of the Holy Spirit which led to a new purpose in her life. As Mary continued her prayer walking in the following days, she felt a Spiritual need to be a bolder witness for God and greeted the people she passed.  Walking Casey took on an entirely new perspective for Mary as her desire to spend more quiet time with God increased.

This new experience of prayer walking has turned Mary’s heart toward God’s call to be a bold witness. A witness in houses where churches will be formed. “They broke bread in their homes and ate together with glad and sincere hearts, praising God and enjoying the favor of all the people.” (Acts 2:46) She believes people can study the word of God all their life, but there comes a time to obey the words of the Bible.  “Therefore, go and make disciples.” (Matthew 28:19) What is pointing Mary to “outposts”? It is where Mary is seeing God’s direction and connections. Mary leads Bible Study Fellowship where they are studying Acts. She is in another study reading Having a Mary’s Spirit by Joanna Weaver, and prayer walking. Mary is receiving more confirmation for her direction to “out churches”, from Pastor Anthony’s sermons on Romans and from today’s interview leading to this article. Mary stated, “This is amazing how God works in tying all this together.”

How did the word of Jesus Christ get to the people of the world? It was by the apostles who were filled with the Holy Spirit; who humbled themselves to the point that many of them were martyred as they spread the truth of God.  


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