What are Outposts?

In the development of disciple-making movements in the harvest field, the Holy Spirit has led practitioners at Field USA to form outposts. These tangible expressions of missionary activity that make disciples, mobilize missions and multiply churches.  

What are outposts? Outposts are serving partnerships in communities which establish churches where everyday life happens. Outposts are ministries sent out from established churches to form churches through mission driven activity.

Who can form an outpost? As in Luke 10:1, where Jesus sent the 72 in pairs of two, an outpost can be initiated by two people feeling the call to be missionaries to a community that needs a kingdom presence of the gospel. Those sent out should have a basic awareness of where they fit within the spectrum of apostle, prophet, evangelist, shepherd and teacher. (Ephesians 4:11)   

How does this happen? Outposts are established in the way Jesus commanded His original missionaries to establish the kingdom: Prayer, Care & Share.

  • Prayer for the blessing of a community. (Luke 10:5-6) 

  • Care for the needs of a community.  (Luke 10:7-9)  

  • Share the liberating news of the kingdom.  (Luke 10:9) 

Out of this engagement with a community, discipleship momentum and churches start to form.  

What is the strategy of outposts? 

Outposts follow the Four Field’s strategy: Field # 1 Cultivate the Ground, Field # 2: Sow the Seed of the Gospel, Field # 3: Raise Up Disciples, Field # 4: Gather Disciples to Scatter. These outposts are not designed to draw people into a local church but to multiply the local church.

Speaking of the church which I pastor, Crossroads Community Church in Michigan, we have had the joy of forming five different outposts within the last year. There are now two additional ones in the early stages of launching. Some are in schools, mobile home parks, apartment buildings, businesses, neighborhoods...places where “everyday life happens.” Some of these have developed discipleship momentum that are moving toward church formation. All of these have seen the miraculous work of the Spirit (healings, people turning to God, neighborhood revitalization, etc) which happens when we step out to “go and make disciples.”  

We have been blessed to see so many launch in a short time because outposts have a clear, simple and biblically rooted strategy. If you would like to understand more about the coaching process to assist you to form outposts we would love to talk. Contact Pastor Anthony Ferriell @ anthony@crossroadscco.com.   

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