Growing discipleship at home: Phillip Hall

Phillip Hall lives in Marine City in Shangri-La, where he moved from Roseville, Michigan in February. Soon after his move he connected to the Marine City outpost through the food distributions Crossroads Community Church held. He offered to help with the distributions, connected with the church, and eventually found himself hosting a discipleship group right in his home.

“I joined the church and they wanted an outpost,” says Phillip. That outpost had begun at the clubhouse in Shangri-La, where a weekly discipleship group met. When the outpost leaders asked Phillip if they could meet at his home, he agreed. Since then, the group has grown from three to eight regular attendees. They began by studying the Seven Stories of Hope, and have also made their way through the book of John using the 3/3rds method. This is a process that Phillip summarized as “looking back; looking up; looking ahead.” 

“We do caring accountability, asking how their week went and how can we be praying for them; how they were being faithful to the lesson of the [last] week.” The disciples read the Bible together, set goals for how to apply the scripture they are learning to their lives, and they follow up with each other the next week. 

Phillip says that his faith has grown in the process and he has learned more about the Bible, while he also helps other people learn to pray and stay accountable to the word of God. Several members of the group have been baptized since joining the weekly studies. “And it’s wonderful to see.”

Eventually, Phillip says, the goal is to start a small church right there in the community.

“We’re just trying to set good examples and go out into the community and make help bring an understanding of who Jesus really is.”


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