The power of Prayer walking

By Pastor Anthony Ferriell

“When people work, people work. When people pray, God works.”As we embark on the 30 Day Kickstartinto the Harvest Field, one of the practices we are challengingparticipating churches and disciple-makers to prayer walk. It is commonin the town where I live to see couples walking the sidewalks in the early eveningor to see friends taking a brisk power walk early in the morning before work.Have you ever taken a stroll around your neighborhood and wondered about wherepeople stand in relation with Jesus who are in the homes that you passby?  Have you ever imagined that you can turn your walking into a ministrythat impacts those by your walking path? It can. You can begin to make a significant impact in your community by prayer walking. What is prayer walking? One person has described it as “praying on-site with insight.” JonathanSharp says, “Prayer walking is simply walking and praying with your eyes opento be able to see the needs around us and join in what God is doing.” It isjust as it sounds – praying while walking. It can be spontaneous, planned, donealone, with a partner, or in groups. I recently took a guy prayerwalking for his first time. We travelled on several streets and areas ofhis town. He was familiar with all of them. Yet, after prayer walking, he saw them in a new light.  He said he began to feel God’s heart forthem. He saw the potential of doing mission and outreach in his town.Most of all he felt a connection to the leading of the Holy Spirit. Why prayer walking? Prayerwalking on site is certainly not required because we can pray from anyplace.  But for some reason, when people pray on site they obtain insightinto what God wants to do. This might be in the neighborhood, by schools, shoppingcenters, parks, an area of mission outreach, etc. Out of prayer walking Ihave seen on many occasions disciple-making ministries launched and develop inthe harvest field. Does prayer walking interest you,but you’re not sure how to start? During the 30 Days of Prayer and Fasting forthe Harvest, there are churches and disciple-making practitioners from manylocations who will be joining together at 2 p.m. (EST) on Sunday, August 8th, 15thand 22nd. We will all join by Facebook live forinitial prayer and then we will prayer walk whatever location we believe theHoly Spirit is leading. For more information about prayer walking or howto get involved with the initiative contact Anthony Ferriell @


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