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Blue Water Region

Ground Breakers

Dennis Skatzka wanted to go out into the harvest field to serve people in the community who had a need, yet, unable to fulfill themselves.  As Dennis SHARED with other men the main group became four. Dennis asked: How can we serve? and Where do we go? These men PRAYED together looking for God’s direction which brought them to a men’s fellowship breakfast to CARE for one another (the first breakfast had 14 attendees.)  After breakfast, they went out (Field #1) into the harvest field, where currently, these men are working on repairing a barn for a family in need.  As Groundbreakers are repairing the barn, the workers invite the family to help which allows for SHARING the word of Jesus Christ (Field #2) asking questions, guiding direction for PRAYER.  Groundbreakers met on June 15th to continue working on the barn.  I am excited to hear how, as these men step out in obedience and SHARE their story, (Field #2) God will work in the lives of this family and many others. Groundbreakers meet once a month where the breakfast is a time for men to fellowship while the harvest field is for anyone; young or old, male or female. No skills are required.

Marine City, Michigan

What does being obedient to God mean?  First it is hearing His words; second, it is clarity of the words, and third, it is acting on His words.  That is exactly what Geri did. God said to Geri, after a Guatemala mission’s trip: “You can do mission work right in your backyard.”  The clarity did not come overnight and it did not come without struggles, feelings of disappointment and hard work. It came from a mission’s heart, guidance from Pastor Anthony, whose heart is in the harvest field, and God’s timing.  It also came from one person having a heart of compassion, perseverance, a fire deep within to be a servant of God and a willingness to open her hands and allow her feet to move with the Holy Spirit. Two years of prayer walking in Marine City came with many PRAYERS, a CARING heart and the drive to SHARE the love of Jesus Christ with others.  Prayer walking started with one person and now has MULTIPLIED to four.  There have been events held at the Shangri-La Park club house every couple of months; such as, Halloween and Easter activities (with a Bible story) and a chile cook-off, to name a few. Through prayer walking, one person is now attending church, as well as a Bible study. Geri has seen 1:1 relationships growing allowing for a deeper connection with God. What does being obedient to God look like?  It looks like PRAYERS, CARE, SHARE.

Richmond, MI

Prayer walking (Field #1) started by one person in September 2018 and has now grown to 3 to 5 people prayer walking weekly.  On the prayer walk, April 22nd, there was a specific prayer (Field #2) said over Mike who had cancer.  Three days later, Mike ”had a miraculous recovery; the doctor could not find any cancer upon his recent examine. Hallelujah!“ Look what prayer walking can do, not only healing by Jesus, also bringing belief to a non-believer. This reminds me of a story in Mark 5 on how Jesus restores a demon-possessed man. Not that this man was possessed, but Jesus’ response to him; “...Go home to your own people and tell them how much the Lord has done for you, and how he has had mercy on you.”  vs 19 I am picturing this man smiling from ear to ear, exclaiming to everyone he comes in contact with: People PRAYED over me and now I am cancer free. Can you see this? What’s next in Richmond?  A Pop-up Pantry See the information at the end of Crossroads Outposts

St. Clair, MI

Jessica’s life was going to change as her PTO and soccer coach positions ended; boredness set in and she missed being God’s role model for children. What was she going to do? Jessica asked and God answered by giving Dawn (Director of Kid’s Ministry at Crossroads) a vision who SHARED it with Jessica.  As Jessica continued to PRAY for direction an after school faith based program grew clearer; an elementary level Youth For Christ. Jessica’s vision was running wild with ideas and Jaramia, husband, stepped in with full support. Jaramia was there with searching questions; such as, Where would you hold the program? When? Who do you need to get permission from? The closer Jessica’s vision became reality, the greater was her turmoil and doubt.  Many within Crossroads PRAYED fervently for strength, courage, and trust in the Holy Spirit for Jessica and Jaramia. The outpost met the last Wednesday of every month with attendance ranging from 23 to 32 children. The children hear a Bible verse (Field #2), have a craft, an outside activity, and a snack. On May 26, “23 children received a Bible; 20 attended 3 or 4 classes; most attended ALL 4 and received a cool stress ball which they LOVED!” And that is how the Pine River Elementary Outpost started on February 27, 2019 with 27 children, an asked question, stillness, patience, an answer from God and obedience by both Jessica and Jaramia. (Field #3)

What is next for the outposts?

A Pop-up Pantry is a produce / bread truck provided by the Food Bank of Eastern Michigan on July 13th.  There will be 3 locations: China, Marine City, and Richmond. The exact locations and times to be determined. Keep an eye on Crossroads website https:/// for the locations and dates. Click on the link to be directed to the information.

How can you help?  Be in prayer for each of these Outposts asking God for His clarity and obedience to follow Him into the harvest field. Contact: Contact Anthony Ferriell @

Further, do you believe the Holy Spirit is launching you into the harvest field to start an outpost?  Contact Field USA and let’s start considering together what the next steps could look like. Field USA can provide the resources, training and coaching to help you take the next steps to “make disciples.”  Contact Anthony Ferriell @  For more information check out:

“We do not know what we ought to pray for, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us through wordless groans.  And He who searches our hearts knows the mind of the Spirit, because the Spirit intercedes for God’s people in accordance with the will of God.” Romans 8:26-27

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