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“Pastor Anthony and the Field USA team have developed a practical, life-changing approach to taking the Gospel where people live. The approach allows a small, Spirit-filled community of believers to impact their harvest field through the Truth of the Gospel, the ministry of felt needs and the unique gifting of each person to see transformation and change. ”

-Rev. Phil Whetstone, Senior Pastor of Colonial Woods Missionary Church

Wheat Field
Planting churches, while certainly not easy, does not have to be complicated. Our Bible-based, Spirit-led plan on multiplying churches is replicable and effective. 
It all begins with our Outpost strategy. An Outpost is a serving partnership with your community that develops churches where everyday life happens. 
Outposts develop through following the four fields of discipleship detailed below. 

The Four Fields


Field 1


Field 1 is all about preparation. Before a farmer can sow seed he must first prepare the soil to receive it. He must till the ground, break up the hard soil and remove rocks. Jesus also talked about 4 soils in the Parable of the Sower (Matt. 13:3-9). 


The first thing is identifying the field; where does God want you to work? The first and most obvious field is your immediate family. From there you expand to other people in you sphere of influence, your coworkers, friends and acquaintances. Finally, you branch out to your neighborhoods. Then you need to cultivate the field through prayer and developing trust in the relationships.

Click here to learn about the Field USA resources available to you as you journey through Field 1. 

Field 2


Field 2 is focused on evangelism. It is about getting out with the people. It is looking for that person that the Holy Spirit has been working on and telling them about Jesus. Easy right? If you are like most Christians this is the bottle neck of evangelism. In Field 2 you can learn some proven tools to help become proficient in planting seeds of God's truth.


Click here for some helpful Field USA resources on Field 2.


Field 3


Field 3 is about growth. After a person accepts Christ they don't immediately know what to do. What is Christianity really? What is this baptism stuff? How do I pray and study the Bible? How do I lead others to follow Christ? These and many more questions will need to be answered for the person to effectively continue on in the discipleship process.

Here are some Field USA Resources for Field 3. 

Field 4

Gather to Scatter

Field 4 is about gathering and scattering. As the disciples meet  in dynamic growth environments and implement structured paths for obedience, a distributed network of discipleship begins moving through a region. A fourth element in the Father’s plan is to gather disciples from multiple groups in a meeting that is open to the public and useful for engaging the community as an organization.

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