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Matthew (Duke) & Dawn Clements

Matthew (Duke) and Dawn, newlyweds of two years with ten children between them, came to know God at different times in their lives.  Duke came to know Jesus at a young age; whereas, Dawn was re-introduced to Jesus through need as a young mother. Together, they hear the call of God to be spread throughout their town, workplaces and neighborhoods.

Duke’s background comes from his upbringing in two very different denominations; one, salvation was law and the other was Spiritual filled. Both religions, along with influences from his grandfather and great grandfather, took him into a deep relationship with Christ. During his service in the Airforce, Duke found sharing his faith was essential and it continues to be today. At first he thought his call was to be a chaplain; that changed. Now, God has provided for him and his family so that he can walk in freedom to share the gospel as a “weapons loader.”

Dawn grew up in a home where Jesus was spoken into her life from birth, yet attending church on a regular basis was not a family tradition. She knew Jesus was her Lord and Savior at a young age, but didn’t walk with Him. As a young mother of four, she found herself in need of food and assistance at Christmas one year. A church reached out to her; provided for them. First this church fed the children then they fed her. Together as a family Jesus was revealed; they grew and were submerged in Christ’s love. Dawn became involved in children’s ministry. She became what she was seeking; to minister to others in need. Dawn’s heart grew, leading to a desire to reach others in Jesus' name. At 32 she rededicated her life to Jesus Christ, jumping into a lifestyle of serving and ministering to others while making huge changes in her own life. This is where she realized the church is without walls and went out into her community.

Duke has seen and continues to see God’s hands restoring his life and life within his family. With the help of Dawn, he is learning to trust God at a deeper level. He sees God’s work in the past with his children and together he and Dawn see God’s hands healing and moving creating growth in small increments within their blended family. Duke, in faith, is removing his hands in trust so that he is out of the way so that God can move in.  

As a couple, they feel they are called to develop leaders, (Duke) to teach men to be husbands and dads, (Dawn) to speak at women’s conferences and together to minister to couples, with Spiritual and physical loss and with blended families. They have seen God’s hand working at the Huron House with both men and their families. Recently, seven men rededicated their life to Christ. One man moved to California and is leading a Bible study. 

With similar yet different backgrounds, Duke and Dawn were called by God to pass on an obedient relationship with Christ to their community. God showed them there is “no way without Jesus.” Together they have been called to bring the hospital, the church of Christ, to the people. Through obedience and their love for God, they know as His faithful servants, they are to “go” reach people where they are in everyday life to make disciples, mobilize mission and multiply churches.

Every Sunday at Get time, Duke, and a few recent new volunteers, others are leading a gathering at the Huron House. Dawn is meeting with a few wives Verify this is still going on/when.

They ask for the following prayers:

  • For a defined location for a food truck.

  • For a place where women and children can be ministered to.

  • For prayers and desire for the Spirit to lead in next steps.

  • For God’s strength and direction for Duke & Dawn to receive a recharge in their life as they keep their eyes focused in obedience on their calling.

  • For continued trust in removing human hands and placing Naomi in God’s hands.


  • Seven men at the Huron House re-dedicated their lives to Christ.

  • Additional volunteers are assisting in leading worship.

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