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National Region

Indiana- Don and Mary Snell

Don recently began training some members at his local church in Field One --Go and Prepare.
These individuals have identified people who they know that are far from God and have begun to intentionally pray for them.  As a result, spiritual conversations are beginning to happen!

Washington- Dan and Peggy Wilton

For over two years, Dan Peggy have been praying for their neighborhood; developing relationship of trust--Preparing the Field so God's Story could be planted.  Dan recently shared the following:

"In our loop, the gathering of neighbors for food and dialog occurs with greater frequency. As the exchanges become increasingly more personal, one of the neighbors shared her life story one-on-one with my wife, Peggy. The neighbor had a fascinating narrative involving her parents who were Japanese-American held in an internment camp during World War II…the effects on her Dad and how she was raised as a child, and some of the abuse/heartache that she suffered. This neighbor is on a late-in-life search and shared that she’s taken up reading the Bible regularly, asking my wife what she believed. Peggy was able to gently give an account of her own relationship with Christ and her understanding of scripture.

Pray that additional conversations are kindled with our neighbors and that each would find the One they truly are seeking.

On a second track, the Lord is encouraging us in our business to have a greater spiritual influence on those in technology, especially in the area of mentoring and training. An opportunity has come up to partner with a private college in California to act as a training resource and to prepare internships for the tech industry. This coaching has a Christ-centered approach and includes the critical aspects of teamwork, appropriate behaviors, and strong values that help make successful long-term employees. We are excited to see how God will form the hearts and minds of those transitioning into the tech work force as missionaries.

Pray for the Lord’s will in the next steps to make this vision a reality."

Florida- Jerry and Sharron McAdams

This autumn season has begun with a kickstart for the club "A Discussion of Science and God."  Many non-believers attend regularly and ask questions after the discussion.  Pray for hearts to be softened to the prompting of the Spirit and for wisdom for Jerry and Sharron as they lead people to the One who is Ultimate Truth!

New Mexico- Nathaniel and Lisa Hein

Nathaniel has been experiencing many opportunities to pray for co-workers and have spiritual conversations with them!  Lisa has been able to do the same in their neighborhood and in the community.

Lisa and I have been regularly meeting with several different couples here in Los Alamos who are not believers. We have been building relationship and speaking encouragement into their lives. In our trailer park, we also have several close relationships with non-believing neighbors. At our home in CO, we continue to maintain disciple-making relationships with three non-believing neighborhood couples there. We also continue to actively disciple several of our adult children.

Pray for an increase in energy and time as well as for wisdom and discernment to know how best to spend their limited time and energy where it makes the most difference for the Kingdom.  Pray also for those they are discipling, that they would have an ever-increasing desire to know Jesus  and would not be so easily distracted by everything in this world.

Pray for unity

Pray for relationship healing & restoration within families as the enemy would seek to divide

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