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Thirty Day Kickstart Into the Harvest

Updated: Aug 30, 2019

So many followers of Jesus are puzzled when it comes to God’s call to be on mission.  They often express statements like, “I want to make disciples in the harvest field, but what’s next?” “I want to obey Jesus’ command to be on mission, but how do I start?”  Do you find yourself ever raising questions like this? 

For those who have the desire to be on mission but do not know what to do next, Field USA is providing a Thirty Day Kickstart into the Harvest. This kickstart campaign begins with where Jesus began with His disciples--prayer.  When Jesus sent His followers on mission, Jesus told us to pray to the Lord to “send out workers into his harvest field.”(Luke 10:2) He further instructed to engage the harvest field with prayer to find a person of peace. (Luke 10:5) Jesus began with prayer because through it we connect with God’s passion and power for the harvest field. 

However, when we pray we are to do so in a way that kickstarts discernment and direction.  We need to pray in such a way that it leads us into discernment where the Holy Spirit is leading and direction with His leading. This kickstart campaign will involve three key plug-ins…  

A scriptural guide and devotion to prayer and fasting for the harvest field Coordinated plan for discerning God’s direction into the harvest fieldSupport and coaching to move into next steps More specifically this will include…A guide on prayer & fasting  Scriptural devotional guide (30 Days to Understanding the Heart of God for the Harvest) Online resources for inspiration, stories and connection with others Coordinated prayer walking near harvest field/mission outposts in your community (locally organized)1  Launch gatherings for prayer to discern the Holy Spirit’s next steps (locally organized)1

Questions… Who can participate?  Anyone wanting to take the next steps.  This can be done as churches, small groups, leadership teams or individual practitioners. 

When does it begin? Through the month of September beginning on September 1st. 

We are excited to have you join in this with us as we kick-start laborers into the harvest field. If interested Click Here or you can scan the code below with your camera or Google assistant and be taken to a link to sign up.

1Locally organized means that Field USA would coach practitioners to organize and implement at a local level.

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