30 Day Kickstart Devotional Testimony

Dan Riemenschneider

I recently completed the Kickstart for the Harvest 30 day devotional.  What an awesome experience!  I greatly appreciate those who took the time to put this together.  It is a great tool for helping you and those you are discipling focus on the right things to both prepare for the harvest and get out into the field.  If you haven’t gone though it yet, I would highly recommend you do.  

This devotional is broken into 4 weeks, with five days in each week.  The first week focuses on God’s love for us and working through us.  The second week looks at the issues in our lives and our relationship with God.  The third week helps us discover the strengths God gave us and how He uses those to reach others.  The final week explores how we can win the spiritual battles that try to keep us out of the harvest.  This devotional is full of interactive scripture study and practical tools for helping us reach those we love.  I was particularly touched by the prayers included in each day and the opportunity to write my own prayers.  I also found very helpful the guidance when we find ourselves reluctant to get into the harvest or have attitudes that are not where they should be.   No judgements here.  Just compassionate coaching on getting through these tough spots.  On several of the days the concepts of this devotional stayed with me through the day as I pondered the insights I was picking up about myself and about God.

The bottom line is, if you want to get into the harvest field and help others to do the same, then this devotional is a great place to start.


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