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Outpost Updates

Algonac, which started with two women meeting on a monthly basis to pray for the Algonac area in 2018 now has eight regular workers at three locations and building relationships at deeper levels. One woman, Marty, has opened her home to bi-weekly, Sunday gatherings. She has reached out to her neighbors to join her for Stories of Hope. What is next on the agenda for Algonac? Their first community gathering over a BBQ. They ask for the following prayers:

  • Pray that the Stories of Hope will be fruitful as they are shared at the Algonac Trailer Park.

  • Pray for a person of peace to be found at Rolling Brook apartments.

  • For consistent steps in sharing God’s truth.

  • For people not to underestimate the small miracles of a mighty God.


  • God’s healing people that doctors could not.

  • Hearts of the people at Algonac Manor are being opened to receive prayer.

  • Give thanks as people from Algonac Manor are looking forward to visits by individual team members.

Marine City was started when one woman was on a mission trip to Guatemala, and  through prayer, God revealed to her: “You can do mission in your own backyard.”  As the church was heading into the harvest field, the tools and strategies of Field USA were used.  This one woman's ability to listen to the Holy Spirit and be obedient to God’s calling on her life, took her gift of love for children to the Shangri-La trailer park.  Now there is a group that meets weekly on Wednesday for a bible study and discipleship growth at Phil’s home.  June 16, 2021 was their first Wednesday night church service. This service is led by Brendan Pittiglio who will be an ordained pastor in April 2022. They ask for the following prayers:

  • One man lost his daughter in February. Pray for the emotional healing of him and his family and that they would draw near to God in this difficult time.

  • That our upcoming March monthly service would bear spiritual fruit.

  • Pray for our continued numerical and spiritual growth.


  • A young man in the outpost is rapidly growing in his faith and feels a call for ministry.

  • A young man was delivered from demonic spiritual oppression.

  • God has filled our members with abundance and purpose. He has given them hope!

Richmond which started out with prayer walking now meets weekly on Thursday nights growing in the word, making disciples, growing leaders and serving their community.  Through 40 years of prayers from some Richmond residents, a bi-weekly full Sunday service started October 10, 2021. This church is officially known as the Community Church of Richmond (CCR).  Sunday, January 16, 2022 was their first congregational meeting.  As this church grows a larger space will be needed. They ask for the following prayers:

  • For the Holy Spirit to move deeper within the hearts of Richmond.

  • More community volunteers to partner with us at the food truck.

  • To hear the Holy Spirit as we consider expanding our Thursday night into two locations.

  • For Judith to see positive healing after surgery. God to give her patience.

  • Continued trust for God to provide all that is needed.


  • Continuing to see the work of the Holy Spirit in opportunities for a growing church location. 

  • Discipleship growth within our members. 

St. Clair started with prayer walking September of 2019 in Claire Wood apartments. We had no idea what God was doing at the time. Then came the food, and with such great blessings from God, we expanded to another nearby community known as the High Rise. From there the Lord led us to Rivers Edge mobile home park, Bree Road, Harbour Oaks and also Camberwell apartments. What started as a couple people prayer walking has turned into two teams of people ministering to a large community.  Now, March of 2022 there are weekly gatherings in homes at Claire Wood Apartments and Thursday mornings a women’s bible study at Neiman’s. They ask for the following prayers:

  • Pray for Martha who is tired and suffering with a loss of energy.

  • Pray for humble spirits

  • For God’s love to be spread throughout all peoples lives


  • A woman’s illness brings her to a place of forgiveness for being wronged many years ago. Her burden has been lifted.

  • Praises to God for the community working and growing together.

  • A day of sharing brings grandchildren to pray with community members.

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